Thursday, May 19, 2016

You know what I want (poem)

I don't want to hurt anymore but
I don't know if
I'll stop  asking but you know, 
You'll never find a woman like me
To love and hold you forever 
I promise to be a good partner
 like you are to me
Deep in your heart you know
That it is true
Perhaps I haven't done enough, 
I have just given up 
I don't want anything else 
Except for that one ring. 
Yet you keep asking what I want from you. 
It doesn't have to be a diamond ring 
 I am not greedy nor vain
 I just want a simple promise and simple ring
Is that too much to ask? 
It feels like forever but it's been only two years 
Perhaps I haven't done enough for you  
Maybe it's the way I have failed 
But I am getting back up 
And shall rise again
Maybe I am not patient enough 
But I feel time  is running out for me
For you never know what tomorrow may bring
Maybe I am wrong and it's all in my head
But baby I want to make you mine
For me it's that ring

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